Singer/songwriter Jared Rogerson draws inspiration from countless miles atop broke saddle horses traversing rugged mountains near his home in Wyoming. That, and the many years he devoted to riding wild bareback bronc’s for pay at rodeos. Respect for both tame and unruly is underlined in his lyrics depicting modern themes of love, heartbreak, determination and defiance from the perspective of one living in an ever changing West. 

From his early youth Jared loved to make up songs, though it wasn’t until his sophomore year in college that he finally purchased his first guitar. He casually learned new chords over the next several years until one final rodeo wreck spurred him into taking his music more seriously. Now, Jared sports an L-shaped scar on the inner joint of his riding arm where the biceps tendon was re-attached. Not the worst of his injuries, but it occurred at a pivotal moment in his life. “I like this scar. It gave me the opportunity to escape with my life and chase a different dream.”  

Over time, his more serious desire of inspiring hearts and minds through music was cultivated by living an adventurous lifestyle while also enduring some of life’s most personal failures and successes.  Despite the hunger that built within, he continually delayed the pursuit of his niche in the music world, “...because of fear, I guess, and because I just didn’t know where to start. Eventually I recognized that it’s just part of who I am. Doing nothing about it was a regret I refused!” So, he picked himself up off the arena dirt and almost immediately began writing and independently recording songs with that same passion and energy he devoted to rodeo for so many years.   

Through his travels and a diversity of friendships made along the way, Jared was exposed to and garnered a respect for a variety of musical styles which have combined to influence his own sound. Now, as a self-proclaimed songwriting ambassador for the rural West, his artistic approach stretches across Country, Americana, Western, and Folk genres. His three full-length studio albums, Heaven (2016), Dirt (2013), and Peace, Love & Horses (2011) feature all-original material and have received wide acclaim and airplay. Having continually honed his craft since the launch of his music career, Jared has developed the ability to engage his audience on a personal level, taking them for an emotionally charged ride full of original songs and the stories that inspired them. He can be found performing regularly as a solo act or with his band behind him.


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